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Unleashing Entrepreneurial Potential

Behind every entrepreneurial journey lies a dream, a vision, a passion to create. Our mission is to foster that spirit, to empower all entrepreneurs in LMICs to become financially capable and successful. At ONOW, we envision a future where technology bridges gaps, opens doors, and transforms aspirations into realities.

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We believe in the unrealized potential of AI to provide personalized advice to businesses at faster speeds and lower costs than ever before.

World Languages

We believe in making our tools accessible to people of all cultures and languages.

Community Support

We believe in the power of like-minded individuals working together for this vision.

Why we do what we do

We believe in a world where entrepreneurship knows no limits. We're driven by a deep-rooted desire to empower individuals, foster economic growth, and create lasting impact. Our purpose is to transform aspiring entrepreneurs into confident, resilient, and adaptable changemakers who shape their own destinies and impact their entire community.

How are we different?

We believe traditional methods can be improved with the power of AI. And we're determined to experiment and test our way towards that outcome. We're crafting the future where AI can redefine entrepreneurial training. By offering personalized, action-oriented approaches, we're moving away from one-size-fits-all paradigms. We're delivering content in local languages, tailoring it to be culturally relevant, making cutting-edge advice accessible, cost-effective, and relatable. This isn't just innovation; this is a paradigm shift.

Experience the Power of Collective Knowledge

In the pursuit of progress, collaboration is key. We're not just seeking partners; we're seeking visionaries, pioneers, those who believe in empowering entrepreneurs in LMICs. If you like what you see, join our community! We're looking to collaborate and communicate with people like you that align with innovation, integrity, and impact. Together, we can unlock potentials, break barriers, and create waves of change that reverberate across continents.

Shape the Future of Entrepreneurship

Your voice matters. By joining our mission, you play an active role in shaping the future of entrepreneurship. As we evolve, we'll integrate new functionalities, guided by your insights and experiences. Together, we'll create a tool that revolutionizes the way entrepreneurs thrive, making a positive impact in disadvantaged areas and underserved communities.

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