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The Future of Coaching is Cyborg

Transforming Business Coaching

As we navigate the digital revolution in business coaching, we recognize the interplay of two indispensable elements: AI-supported advice and the irreplaceable value of human connection.

AI-powered business advice is an incredibly powerful engine. It provides direct-to-consumer coaching that's personalized, available 24/7, and deliverable anywhere in the world. It's like having your own personal business advisor in your pocket, always ready to assist.

However, as transformative as AI is, technology alone is not enough. The unique value of human connection, the empathy, the understanding, and the personal touch that a real coach brings, cannot be overlooked. It’s this human connection that often makes the difference, sparking real, lasting change and growth in business owners.

The Cyborg Coach

There are many doomsday articles written about the human replacement potential of AI, but we believe these fears are overblown. Effective solutions involve augmenting coaches as if creating a cyborg that seamlessly blends the best of human and machine into a single entity. Another effective analogy is that of Ironman's JARVIS computer. Tony Stark is still in the suit, and in-control of all systems. However, he receives an incredible boost in power through the quality of information delivered to his fingertips at the perfect moment. That process is governed by an intelligent AI, but the decision-making and interaction with humanity is under the purview of Tony.

In the same way, we're giving the power of AI to coaches, to help them identify and target areas for personalized coaching that are more likely to lead to sustained impact and progress. Our society has become awash in data, but there are many studies showing the lack of decisions actually happening from it. AI is a highly-effective tool that can scan our dearth of data, and perform highly effective techniques that extract effective signals from all the noise. For example, things like user summaries, personalized action steps, and engaging introduction messages are low-hanging fruit for a powerful Large Language Model (LLM) application and can be delivered to a coach within their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

(Shown Above: A sample AI-based program that can prepare the data to make coaching sessions more personalized, effective, and efficient)

This not only makes their sessions more efficient and effective but also allows them to serve a larger number of clients. By leveraging the power of AI, we can provide high-quality, personalized advice to more business owners, while still maintaining that crucial human connection.

The Empowered Coaching Coordinator

And while a cyborg coach is an incredibly powerful tool, we've also shown promising results for the coaching coordinator level. A common challenge at the coordination level is determining who should receive services, and when they should receive them. Through a combination of AI and traditional analytical tools, the coaching coordinator can gain visibility into alert-driven prioritization. For example, if the system receives a sudden drop in profitability or lapse of engagement, the coaching priority score can capture these events and increase the priority of reaching out to this individual. We've found that creating a formula that provides clear triggers with the complexity of an AI provides a solution that covers many dimensions and leads to optimal outcomes. However, it should also be noted that the human still retains override ability, and these systems are simply meant to sort through the noise and improve efficiency and clarity for the decision makers.

(Shown Above: A sample prioritization list with details regarding next steps for each individual and their given coach)

Moreover, by helping coaches use AI, we're reducing the costs associated with providing personalized, human coaching services. This isn’t just a win for efficiency—it's a win for accessibility, bringing high-quality coaching within reach of more entrepreneurs around the world.

If you'd like to join us in this journey of transformation and experience the power of AI, the warmth of human connection, and the new world of possibilities they create together. Let's reshape business coaching for the better, together.

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