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Unleashing AI for MSMEs and ESOs Around the World

A guided reading list to catch up on our work


Embarking on a journey to understand how artificial intelligence (AI) can transform entrepreneurship and tackle poverty is a challenging, but potentially transformative task. We've been working hard on this problem over the last year and sharing our findings as we go. But for those of you just joining our journey, there can be a lot to catch up on.

Each post is a step towards understanding how our unique AI product can serve as a catalyst for growth and innovation within micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) across diverse linguistic and cultural landscapes. We believe that by diving into these articles, you'll gain not just knowledge but also a vision of how to leverage AI to create impactful, sustainable change. We hope you're as excited we are, and dive into each of these posts in detail or reach out to talk more, but we've included short summarizations of each to make the journey as quick as possible.


A Guided Journey about AI for ESO and MSME Support

  1. AI: A Silent Partner in Battling Poverty - Start with the big picture to see how AI can be used to unlock new opportunities for economic growth and poverty alleviation.

  2. Why Not Simply Use ChatGPT? - This is maybe the most common question we receive, and this post shares a few details about how our research and products are different, with added value compared to standard or premium ChatGPT.

  3. The Power of Personalization: Revolutionizing Business Health with AI - This post showcases the value of personalization in AI applications, and how customized AI solutions for micro-businesses differ from generic solutions.

  4. Collaboration Empowers Small Businesses with AI - AI is a great, but impcomplete approach to the difficult problems before us. This post talks about the ecosystem we're pursuing, and its support structure for small businesses through AI. Businesses need holistic support, and this post gives an introduction to that model.

  5. The Minority Language Hack for Large-Language Models - Much of the power and benefit of LLMs is within the English domain, but most of our target audience doesn't speak English. Dive into how our product addresses language diversity efficiently and inclusivly.

  6. Unlocking the Power of Unstructured Data - A background piece on how we are leveraging unstructured data in our work to enhance decision-making and provide richer insights.

  7. RAG to Riches: How Data Engineering Empowers Micro-Business Growth - A more in-depth application of the power of unstructured data and its application in our solutions. This is a more technical piece that is intended for a more technology-focused audience while keeping it at a high-level and sharing the difference from base GPT solutions.

  8. One Size Does Not Fit Most - This post dives further into the importance of customization and the value beyond basic GPT solutions. Our work is intentionally focusing on the specific needs of ESOs and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), and goes far beyond AI technology alone.

  9. Spotting High-Flyers - A more conceptual post explaining how we're using internal and external data to create a comprehensive view of a business's potential, illustrating the sophisticated analytics at play while giving an example for how you can do the same.

  10. The ESO Centaur - Using the centaur metaphor, this explains how AI and human elements in ESOs can complement each other, providing a vision for a more efficient and effective support model.

  11. The Future of Coaching is Cyborg - More details about AI-enhanced coaching, offering a futuristic vision of how AI can integrate into mentorship and support workflows for maximum impact.

  12. Measuring Impact Through Innovation - One of our most popular posts. This addresses the critical aspect of impact measurement, showing how our work enables detailed analysis and the tracking of long-term outcomes, crucial for any impact-driven ESO.

  13. The AI Effect: From Delivering Content to Creating Impact - A small pilot test with data and real user experience. This demonstrates our approach's effectiveness, particularly in enhancing learning outcomes in minority languages. A very practical and applied post that gives specific user stories.

  14. AI: A Silent Partner in Battling Poverty - Back to the broader impact of AI on societal challenges, this post reinforces the potential for significant contributions to economic development and poverty alleviation through innovative AI solutions. A vision of the future.

Join the Movement: Enhance Your Impact

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