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Collaboration Empowers Small Businesses with AI

Leveraging AI and Collaborative Platforms for Enhanced Impact in Entrepreneur Support

In the dynamic world of small business support and social entrepreneurship, integrating technology and strategic collaboration holds the key to scaling impact and enhancing operational efficiency. This post delves into practical strategies for employing AI to directly aid businesses, utilizing tech platforms for broader organizational support, and leveraging expert guidance to navigate the complexities of social impact work.

Strategic AI Integration for Business Support

AI technology has emerged as a transformative tool for non-profits aiming to provide more tailored and effective support to small businesses. By automating data collection and analysis, organizations can offer personalized insights to entrepreneurs, helping them understand their financial health and identify growth opportunities. While most organizations have utilized technology to digitize their content delivery, this is a massive underutilization of the power of technology now available. For instance, simplifying financial tracking through AI not only makes this crucial task more accessible to business owners but also turns it into a strategic asset for decision-making.

technology being used for social impact in Asia

An example of where ONOW is utilizing AI to re-engineer our support is in program recruitment. A huge amount of time and resources are spent on finding the right entrepreneurs for our programs. Our embrace of AI is allowing for the identification of “high-flyers” — businesses with significant growth potential that, when supported, can drive substantial economic and social value. By analyzing patterns and outcomes, AI tools can spotlight these enterprises, enabling more focused and impactful support strategies.

ONOW continues to explore new application of AI into our programming. For further exploration on AI’s role in transforming business support, our posts on Measuring Impact Through Innovation and Spotting High-Flyers provide deeper insights.

Expanding Reach Through Collaborative Platforms

A collaboration between ONOW and Mission Alliance to launch ROKSI, a chatbot designed to mentor and assist businesses in rural Cambodia, exemplifies the power of partnership and technology in extending the reach of support services. ROKSI is a testament to how tech can be leveraged to offer scalable, personalized coaching and mentoring. Learn more about ROKSI and the launch event, where I spoke to our experience utilizing technology to scale up and optimize our high touch support to entrepreneurs, through these links: About ROKSI and Roksi Launch Event.

the launch of Roksi by Mission Alliance with ONOW

Photo Credit: Mission Alliance Cambodia

Our collaboration with Mission Alliance to launch ROKSI in Cambodia highlights our commitment to sharing technology for greater impact. This chatbot, developed on our Enable platform, underscores the potential of partnerships in extending organizational reach, especially in supporting entrepreneurs in rural areas. We demonstrated the Enable platform in a recent webinar in partnership with Pollinate Impact, offering a glimpse into how technology can amplify the efforts of business support organizations. Watch it here! Enable Platform Demonstration.

Harnessing Expertise: The Role of the Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is playing a pivotal role in guiding our mission towards more innovative and impactful support strategies.

onow's advisory board has considerable expertise

Each member brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the table:

  • Jose Ricardo Silva offers over two decades of legal and economic development expertise, contributing strategic insights that are critical for creating inclusive opportunities for entrepreneurs globally.

  • James Robbins brings unparalleled expertise in entrepreneurship and business strategy, having developed over 70 sector-specific incubators and accelerators worldwide.

  • Fai Wechayachai enhances our initiatives with her extensive experience in entrepreneurial and impact ecosystems across East and Southeast Asia.

  • Jenny Everett leverages her broad experience in both the private and non-profit sectors to provide strategic guidance on empowering female business owners and scaling effective support mechanisms.

Their collective expertise is helping us ensure that our strategies remain innovative, impactful, and aligned with the evolving needs of the communities we serve.


Integrating AI into support mechanisms, fostering technological collaborations, and leveraging expert advisory insights are foundational to enhancing the impact and efficiency of non-profit support organizations. By adopting these strategies, we can not only address the immediate needs of entrepreneurs but also contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive growth ecosystem.

This approach to social entrepreneurship and small business support emphasizes the power of technology and collaboration in making a meaningful difference in the lives of entrepreneurs and the communities they serve.

Join the Movement: Enhance Your Impact

We invite fellow innovators, social entrepreneurs, and organizations committed to making a difference to explore these strategies further. You may want to receive our email updates when we post about our work in AI. Or maybe you want to chat about integrating technology into your Business Support operations. Let’s collaborate, innovate, and share insights to drive greater impact together. Go here to signup and join the community.

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